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I Just Want to Write…

That’s all I want to do, but the voices in my head don’t want to make sense. I get snips of things that are contemporary, historical, always paranormal, and I write them down, but putting those things into a cohesive story isn’t me.

I’m a linear writer. Pantser. Write ’em as the story unfolds in front of me. As I watch the movie playing out in my head.

And I’m so frustrated I could scream.

Because whoever is editing those movies is playing some cruel joke on me. I no longer have one long story that starts at once upon a time and ends with happily ever after. No. Now, I get murder and mayhem and demons and werewolves and they’re all mixed up and make no sense.

So now I have dozens of pieces of paper with ideas and voices and conversations and none of them fit together. Because I write in a linear fashion, none of them make sense. None of them are starters. None of them are endings. They’re all middles with nowhere to go.

Does this ever happen to you? And if it does, what do you do to get past it?

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    There are only two groups of people in this world that hear voices in their heads-schizophrenics and writers...and sometimes, the line between the two is VERY thin. So far, I'm still a writer... I write paranormal romance then, now, and later. Happy Ever Afters are a must for me. I believe they are for everyone else too.

  • Write the book you love. Write something that isn't what everyone else is writing. That means you MUST READ YOUR CATEGORY and read it deeply. Know what you love about your category. Know what you don't. Think about your book as part of a larger whole.
    Janet "The Shark" Reid, Literary Agent

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