I’ve been spending time at Janet Reid Literary Agent who is a wonderful person (really, she is, shark notwithstanding!) who cares about her Reiders and takes the time to teach us wonderfulthingsotherspaymoneyfor!

She admonished us a few weeks ago that as writers, we must be searchable. Reachable. Have some kind of visible presence on the web. Doesn’t have to be fancy, she said. Doesn’t have to be filled with all sorts of things, she said. But if you’re actively writing and will eventually be querying, agents you query will look for you. They do that sort of thing. Who knew?

This brings me two problems. The move a year ago drained me and my depression set in hard and heavy and with my two hour commute to work and back and my 9-1/2 hour days, my brain went on standby and the writing halted. I moved not only an hour from work but into a house I still don’t like after a year of living here. It’s been very hard.


You knew there was a but, yes? You should have. If you know me, you know there’s often a but…

I’ve managed in the past month to pull out my WIP and have started going through it, page by page. I hadn’t looked at it in over a year and realized, “This sucks!” But it’s a story I love, I was told at an agent pitch to revise and send it and so, after all this time, I’m going to be doing that. And it’s thanks to Janet. Mostly because she pretty much told me she’d sink her sharky teeth into me if I didn’t. 😉

So, this quick post is to say, I’m going to try to post here once a week, not always on the same day or at the same time, and I’ll comment when I do post on how I’m doing on my WIP. Not all of my posts will be writing related. This is a rambling mind behind these words, but I’ll make sure I let you know how I’m doing. And we’ll see how it goes.

I guess I’m going to say, I’m back. And I mean to stay!

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