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Dogs and Chocolate

First off, the fireplace is almost done. Well, almost, I say, but not quite. Today, my husband worked on getting some of the backer board up and we yet again discussed how we’re going to cover it in the stone we like. He has over thought this to the point where I’m ready to just hire someone to do the work. I love him, but sometimes…

It will be nice when it’s done though and having it unfinished hasn’t stopped us from having some lovely fires in it.

On to other things…

I’d bought a family sized bag of Hershey’s Kisses last weekend while shopping. I had a major chocolate jones and kisses are always a quick fixer upper. We opened the bag Sunday night and had a few each, so there was about a pound and a half left in the bag when we went to work Monday. I left it sitting on the end table because 1.) I didn’t think to move it and B.) the Dobe Who Gets Into Everything is kenneled when we leave the room for five minutes, let alone when we’re both gone to work all day. Love him, but I can’t trust him. The female dobe however, who is never into anything, never even chewed on anything when she was a puppy, is losing her mind. This past month and a half, she’s regressing to a six month old puppy and we’re not sure why.

I’m at work all day Monday and for once in the past three weeks, my husband leaves his job at his regular time and beats me home. He calls me and this is our conversation:

Him: Where’s the chocolate?

Me: What do you mean, where’s the chocolate? It’s on the end table where I left it.

Him: Did you put it in a bowl or something?

Me: Why would I do that? I left it in the bag on the end table…why…what’s wrong?

Him: Well, the bag is on the end table, but it’s empty.

Me: Did Murphy get out of his kennel today?

Him: No, he was still in there unless Ciine let him out and then put him back in.

Me: NO!

Him: Yup. Not a bit left. No foil, no chocolate, no nothing. But Ciine’s bouncing off the walls…

My dog, who never eats anything like that, managed to empty the bag, LEAVE it on the end table and devour ALL. MY. CHOCOLATE!!!

Now, before anyone says, OMGChocolaetIsSoBadForDogs!, let me tell you that two years ago, we went through the same thing with Murphy however, he eats everything, I was gone from the room less than 2 minutes, and the empty bag was at least on the floor. And the amount of chocolate consumed was about the same, but he never missed a beat. Didn’t even phase him! This time, I think because Ciine is a little older than him, it did affect her so I stayed home from work on Tuesday, more to make sure I didn’t come home to poop soup all over my carpet. Today though, you’d never know she’d eaten any except for the trail of sparkly poops all over the back yard.

Lesson learned.

So, what about you? Have any good pet stories?

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